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Audio, video and written works of Ayatollah Dr. Mohammad Sadek  Tehrani were collected by Sayid Hassan Kermani, Syed Niaz Pakistani , Ali al-Hamdani Pakistani ,Mahdi sadeki Tehrani, Mohsen Noorani  in the past few years.
It comes in the form of books, CD and software. It is present in gallery in Qom city, Al-Amin Street 21 alley 7. He has 30 volumes in explanation and interpretation of Furqan and 29 volumes of special writings and about 100 books written in Arabic and Persian.
One of the main reasons of the annual central conferences is to spare no effort is awaking of Quran.
 The works of Ayatollah Sadek Tehrani are available on the website:  and you can give your opinions concerning his works through the page Contact us.

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