Scientific Council of Students

This council is composed of 6 people from the professor students, and weekly sessions are set up in this center to answer the questions and reply to suggestions, and to remove any existing doubts on the opinions and theories of the professor.
This center also prints and publishes the works of the passed professor   as much possible.
The center at Beirut is the main branch for publish the information of this center and translating Persian books of the professor under direct supervision.

This section is divided to:

  • Answering questions and suggestions.
  • Publishing information about rest of the Quranic Activities.
  • Last session news.

 Council Members:

  • Mr. Mahdi Sadeki Tehrani
  • Mr. Muhammad Sadek Sadati
  • Mr. Muhammad Hashem Zamani
  • Mr. Islami Tabar
  • Mr. Reda Afrawi
  • Mr. Muhammad Jukar
  • Mr. Mohsen Nurani

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